10 inexpensive marketing ideas for your business

By January 17, 2020 News

Inexpensive marketing immediately brings social media to mind, but what other ideas are there?

I often get start-ups and small businesses asking me for help to promote their businesses on tight budgets. Here are 10 tips and ideas you mightn’t have thought of that are inexpensive or free that can help get your business out there.

1. Write a guest blog for a like-minded business or someone related to your industry. Include links back to your website or Social media site. It is a win-win for both businesses as Google favours sites with outward links in them.

2. Sponsor an event or charity – this could be by donating your time rather than a product (although, of course time is valuable).

3. Hold a demonstration of your product or service. If this is daunting, think about combining with a related business, for example a clothing store could combine with a stylist.

4. Enter business awards. Even if you don’t win you can still gets lots of attention if you place high enough and let others know about your participation. Top Shop and Chamber of Commerce business awards are very prominent in Taranaki. Get in touch with others that have entered and congratulate them. They may need your services if they’re expanding as a result of doing well in the awards.

5. Advertise in a goodie bag. Plenty of networking events and shows put together goodie bags for the attendees. Offer to put a voucher, a coupon or a sample in about your business.

6. Speak at a seminar. Position yourself as an expert in your field.

7. Engage with other local businesses on social media. Write reviews and comment on their posts. Hopefully they’ll return the favour for your business, but if not then at least it helps keep you top of mind with people.

8. Write a regular email newsletter to keep in touch with people. We like Mailchimp for this but there are plenty of options. 4 times a year is a good goal to start with. Too often and people may get annoyed. Remember nobody loves your brand as much as you!

9. Attend networking events. There is never a shortage to choose from so pick the ones that will get the most value from your time.

10. Be where your competition is not. Don’t just copy what your competitors are doing. You can get a lot more leads if you’re the only major player in the room.

What other inexpensive marketing ideas have you tried and found successful? Feel free to get in touch if we can help in any way.