Jan 29, 2024



Jan 29, 2024


Since its inception in 1998, COMPASS® has built a reputation for pushing boundaries and innovation in the local footwear scene. Renowned for its commitment to quality, craftsmanship and forward-thinking designs, COMPASS® proudly celebrates its 25 years with an exclusive collaboration with ADGI (Asosiasi Desain Grafis Indonesia).

This special collaboration pays homage to a pivotal era in the local graphic industry, capturing the creative spirit of ADGI, then known as IPGI (Ikatan Perancang Grafis Indonesia), as well as the visionary creative practitioners that helped shape the community, including founder Wagiono Sunarto and their inaugural exhibition titled ‘Grafis 80’.

Two pencils symbolize the work of graphic designers and the flames symbolize the spirit that never goes out.

Together brought the same spirit

In this 25th anniversary celebration of Compass®, we will highlight the journey of graphic design in Indonesia that began on September 24, 1980, where the Grafis'80 exhibition was held.

Grafis'80 was the first time that graphic design was introduced (to the outside world) as a new applied art in Indonesia. The exhibition was held in conjunction with the establishment of the Indonesian Graphic Designers Association (IPGI) on April 25, 1980, with Wagiono Soenarto (@wagionos) as the first IPGI chairman.

With the participation of 47 graphic designers, the exhibition was a monumental point in the development of the graphic design industry and profession in Indonesia. Always characterized by the spirit of togetherness and kinship, Grafis’80 represents ADGI’s organizational journey.

The two-pencil illustration of the Grafis’80 poster was designed by Tjahjono Abdi, an accomplished graphic designer and airbrush ilustrator of world-renowned book covers and posters.

A tribute to the creative spirit and design language of the time, the limited-edition collection unfolds as a visual ode, featuring slip-ons, tees, tote bags as well as a range of accessories adorned with illustrations inspired by the exhibition poster, arriving in two striking colorways of pink-blue and black-pink depicting a pencil ablaze—capturing the spirit of the time.

The complete COMPASS® & ADGI “Grafis’80” collection was released on January 13, 2024 exclusively on the Tokopedia App. Product information and other collections from Compass® can be accessed here www.sepatucompass.com/shop/

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Release Date / 13 January  2024
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