Mar 11, 2022



Mar 11, 2022


Following the success of the "Yellowing” collaboration which took place in Jakarta and Bandung in 2020, #FXXKINGCOMPASS is back with a bang with their latest venture titled "Smoking Kills®️."

This time, Compass®️ and Fxxking Rabbits have joined forces to tackle the prevalent stigma surrounding certain lifestyles, particularly among the youth, by advocating for a healthy way of living.

The campaign features the talented Rendha Rais as its muse. Rendha, known for capturing artistic moments behind the camera, now takes center stage with Compass®️, symbolizing self-confidence and embracing a positive outlook on life.

Compass®️ and Fxxking Rabbits have embarked on a journey of experimentation, aiming to offer a fresh perspective that extends beyond a simple call to live healthily. They emphasize the importance of self-control in all aspects of life.

The message of the #FXXKINGCOMPASS campaign

The message of the #FXXKINGCOMPASS campaign is ingeniously embedded throughout the shoe designs. Almost every part of the shoes contributes to the overarching theme. Consequently, the slogan "Smoking Kills®️" resonates with everyone who encounters it, serving as a powerful reminder of the campaign's mission.

On March 11, 2022, the limited edition Compass®️ & @Fxxkingrabbits "Smoking Kills®️" Retrograde collection was unveiled. This exclusive line comprises three distinct silhouettes and is exclusively available for purchase on the official Compass online store.

Through their unique collaboration, Compass®️ and Fxxking Rabbits aim to spark a conversation, challenge societal norms, and inspire individuals to lead healthier and more balanced lives. By fusing fashion with a powerful message, they prove that artistic expression can play a significant role in fostering positive change within our communities.

The complete #FXXKINGCOMPASS "Smoking Kills" collection is released March 11, 2022 exclusively on the Tokopedia App. You can access product information and other collections from Compass® here

Collaboration / #FXXKINGRABBIT
Category / Fashion
Release Date / 11 March  2022
More info / @sepatucompass on Instagram