Nov 26, 2022



Nov 26, 2022


The project, titled "WHICH PABLO ARE YOU TODAY?", features a unique collection of shoes, beanies, baseball caps, socks, and graphic tees that brings together the identities of both Boy Pablo and Compass® through their styles.

The collaboration kicked off with Boy Pablo's first album, "Wachito Rico," which contains 13 new songs, each with a corresponding music video. “Wachito Rico” is a Chilean phrase meaning handsome boy. While listening in chronological order, the album tells a story: a Wachito Rico falling in love for the first time and experiencing its tumults. To get a full timeline of this love story, the entire album needs to be listened to in order, yet each song contributes its side to love. It’s commendable how vulnerable Muñoz allows himself to be in what is his first album, reflecting not only his Latin heritage but also his struggles with anxiety produced from being propelled into fame at the age of 19, when he first went on tour.

Pablo’s Latin heritage is highlighted on “Wachito Rico,” an upbeat track with an electronic techno-type filter on the beat. He uses a mix of Spanish and English lyrics, describing his desire to have a good time and show people how to dance. Fittingly, there’s a dance break in the song, pausing the vocals for sounds of crowds chanting accompanied by tunes from an electric guitar.

The lead singer of Boy Pablo, Nico, portrayed different moods and emotions in these videos, which have been transformed into the "Diary" shoe.

This campaign allows anyone to express their feelings using five Boy Pablo expressions that can be attached to the tongue of the shoe.

The full lineup of shoes consists of Compass®'s signature Gazelle silhouette in low and high cuts, available in three colorways black, green, and baby blue. Each shoe is made of a canvas upper with star graphics inspired by Nico's guitar strap, featuring a unique Boy Pablo logo on the heel tab. The insole of the shoe has "Which Pablo Are You Today" written on it. The shoebox design features a black and white mosaic photo of the musician and the Boy Pablo name in a vintage design on the top of the box.

Completing the collection are various apparel and accessories, including beanies, baseball caps, socks, and graphic tees. These items showcase lively and playful designs, ensuring the entire outfit is complete from head to toe.

The Compass® and Boy Pablo collaboration is more than just the products; it's about the creative process and the story behind it. This project is a testament to the power of collaboration and the importance of staying true to one's identity while creating something new and exciting.

The complete COMPASS® / BOY PABLO “Which Pablo Are You Today?” collection was released on November 26, 2022 exclusively on the Tokopedia App. Product information and other collections from Compass® can be accessed here

Collaboration / Boy Pablo
Category / Music
Release Date / 26 November  2022
More info / @sepatucompass on Instagram