Apr 15, 2023


‘Destroy Luxury’ Preserving Batik Indonesia.

Apr 15, 2023


Indonesian shoe manufacturer Compass® is proud to announce its collaboration with the premium batik brand Iwan Tirta Private Collection. This special collaboration introduces the 'Velocity®' sneaker featuring the 'Kupu Simbar' motif, which uses the gradation coloring technique often featured in the 'Megamendung' batik style. 

The 'Destroy Luxury' collection features a combination of Compass®'s contemporary designs with the traditional batik artistry of Iwan Tirta Private Collection, to re-energize the sneaker world. The collection aims to bridge the gap between batik and the general public, promoting batik as an art form for everyone, not just for a select few.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Iwan Tirta Private Collection and bring the beauty of Indonesian batik to the sneaker world," said Aji Handoko Purbo Compass® Chief Experience Officer. "Our goal with this collaboration is to showcase the usefulness of batik and make it accessible to a wider audience in accordance with Iwan Tirta's vision to apply Batik motifs to various items as needed. Moreover, Iwan Tirta himself is a legendary icon who continues to bring Indonesian art and culture to a higher level, which is in line with our vision."

The "Destroy Luxury" footwear collection has three different color options, including brown which is the main color of the Compass Velocity lineup.

 Iwan Tirta's signature "Kupu Simbar"

The most striking difference lies in Iwan Tirta's signature "Kupu Simbar" motif that is visible on several parts of the shoe. The first ornament is found on the back heel, which is decorated with embossed leather with an elegant floral motif. The second ornament is the blue and red "Kupu Simbar" pattern that appears on the inner lining of the shoe with the exclusive Iwan Tirta Private Collection label. 

Each sneaker comes in an exclusive butterfly-shaped box and air freshener hangtag. The combination of Iwan Tirta's beautiful motifs with Impactfuel® technology from Compass® makes this release the perfect choice for sneakers and batik lovers.

The complete Compass® Iwan Tirta "Destroy Luxury" collection was released on April 15, 2023 exclusively on the Tokopedia App. Product information and other collections from Compass® can be accessed here www.sepatucompass.com/shop/

Collaboration / Iwan Tirta
Category / Fashion
Release Date / 15 April  2023
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