Nov 30, 2021


Celebrating 3.4.7 "Quarter of a Century”

Nov 30, 2021


It was in 1996, on the picturesque shores of Batu Karas in West Java, that a group of visionary designers and artists - including Dendy Darman, Arifin Windarman, Anli Rizandi, and Lucky Widiantara - founded 3.4.7. Their pioneering venture marked the first wave of Indonesia's fledgling creative apparel industry to emerge.

Originally known as, the brand underwent several name changes before officially adopting the name 347. Throughout its journey, 347 has captured the essence of Indonesian youth culture, constantly evolving and pushing boundaries.

The Compass® 3.4.7 "Quarter of a Century" collection features 24 unique designs inspired by 347's graphic archives from 1996 to 2021. It also pays homage to 347's origins with an exclusive design representing South Beach, the birthplace of 3.4.7. The collection exudes a sense of exclusivity and rarity with only 100 pairs of each design available.

The collaboration between Compass® and 347 embodies their shared commitment to preserving Indonesian heritage and promoting artistic expression.


The collaboration delivers a distinctive and nostalgic collection that captivates fashion and art lovers alike by combining Compass®'s dedication to quality with 3.4.7's innovative spirit.

Each of the 24 shoe designs has a special label that says "THIS MOMENT WILL BE HISTORY", Compass® and 3.4.7's belief that each step will pass through many moments and all those moments will become history. But as life goes on, history will also erode and become a lasting memory. The process for purchasing these 24 shoe designs is that buyers can only choose silhouettes and sizes. The shoes are shipped randomly so buyers do not know what they are getting.

Seamlessly blending heritage and contemporary design, each pair of shoes in the collection embodies a piece of Indonesian creative culture. Symbolizing the brand's remarkable journey and growth, the 24 designs showcase the evolution of 3.4.7's graphic identity over the years.

We are pleased to announce the final of the Compass® 3.4.7 "Quarter of a Century" 25th design.

The 25th design presents a legendary figure closely related to the daily life of the Indonesian people, Nyi Roro Kidul, as a form of art in the preservation of Indonesian culture. The figure of Nyi Roro Kidul, interpreted by Maestro Basoeki Abdullah, represents 3.4.7, who was born in Batu Karas Beach, which is still within the South Beach.

In gratitude, these shoes are sewn together and intended for owners NOT to wear, but only for personal collection.

The complete Compass® & 3.4.7 “Quarter of a Century” collection was released on November 30, 2021 exclusively on the Tokopedia App. Product information and other collections from Compass® can be accessed here

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Release Date / 2021
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