Aug 17, 2021


Compass® & Jason Ranti Embrace Human Uniqueness

Aug 17, 2021


God created human beings with many differences among each other. The uniqueness of each human being becomes a value to be proud of. This concept became the foundation for Compass®'s collaboration with Jason Ranti.

At the heart of this collaboration is the "Creative Freedom" collection, representing Jason Ranti's artistic liberty to express himself through various mediums. Departing from traditional art forms, he uses brushstrokes on cardboard paper to convey his thoughts and observations, which are then translated onto the canvas of these shoes, blending art and fashion harmoniously.

The short story of the musical journey of Jason Ranti, who started his career as the guitar player of Stairway to Zinna. When he released his debut album in 2017, working in the Indonesian indie folk scene, Jason Ranti's name immediately surfaced. The title of his debut album is "Akibat Pergaulan Blues".

This uniqueness is a testament to the wearer's individuality, as each creation becomes a personalized work of art.

God is good at creating people of varying uniqueness.

The resulting shoe collection is a masterpiece in itself, meticulously crafted with six original paintings by Jason Ranti incorporated into the design. The artwork is faithfully reproduced on organic canvas, maintaining the original size ratio. By randomly cutting the canvas, each pair of shoes showcases captivating abstract patterns, ensuring that no two pairs bear the same image.

Accompanying the shoes is a thoughtfully designed package, complete with a specially crafted shoebox for safekeeping, wrapping paper to enhance the unboxing experience, and an exclusive authenticity certificate exclusively tailored for this collaboration.

The Compass® and Jason Ranti collaboration is a limited production, with only 800 pairs available for each painting. This scarcity adds to the value of each shoe, making them truly special.

The complete Compass® Sentuhan Oleh Jason Ranti collection was released on August 17, 2021 exclusively on the Tokopedia App. Product information and other collections from Compass® can be accessed here

Collaboration / Jason Ranti
Category / Music
Release Date / 17 Agustus  2021
More info / @sepatucompass on Instagram